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Our Heroes Share their experiences in the Flowly Program

Flowly for chronic pain

Such a massive [pain] reduction more than any of the physical therapy I've been having and paying, frankly a lot of money for. It's been truly transformative for me."

Magie Cleland | Healing from Pain program hero

Flowly for Fibromyalgia

After completing the Healing from Pain program, the changes are incredible. It just doesn't even cross my mind anymore to think about pain, ruling my life the way that it has. It's literally life changing."

Alyssa | Healing from Pain program hero

Flowly for foot and back pain

Flowly has given me not one but many tools to combat the pain on a daily basis. Flowly is what I hope for the future of healthcare."

Aly Moore | Healing from Pain program hero

Users stories

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"I've been getting about 5% more deep sleep than I was prior to Flowly and that's after only 2 weeks of consistent use."

Flowly for Sleep

"I felt like my pain was controlling me. I am finally in the driver’s seat to where I can guide my life in the direction I need it to go."

Flowly for pain
Dr. Jennifer Jones

"My medication usually get my pain down to about between 0-2, which is exactly where the Flowly VR treatment get me also."

Flowly for pain

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