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Learn to take back control of your nervous system. Without medication.

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What is flowly?

Flowly teaches you how to take back control of your nervous system.
And it can all be done from the comfort of your home.


A Heart Rate sensor that allows you to visualize your body relaxing in realtime.


Virtual Reality headset and experiences designed for people with pain and anxiety.


A data portal to measure and track physiological, survey, and journal data.


In-app community to share and connect with others on a similar health journey.

*Monthly and annual subscription price includes app access and your physical Kit.
Subscriptions start at $15/month.

Science first,

All of Flowly's content and interactive experiences are based on over 30 years of clinical studies.

Flowly itself has been the subject of NIH-backed clinical trials and is trusted by world class hospital systems and academic institutions.

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How does it work?



Flowly's monthly and annual subscription price includes app access and your physical Kit.

Subscriptions start at $15/month.


Receive kit

Your Flowly Kit will include a phone-based VR headset and a realtime Biosensor.


Put on VR
and sensor

Immerse yourself in beautiful worlds in VR that teach you to regulate your nervous system. Each session is around 10-15 minutes long.


Enter deep relaxation

Flowly trains your body to enter a state of relaxation, focus, and safety on-command.

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The heart
a flowly session

Learn how to take back control of your body and mind without medication.

Flowly immerses you in beautiful, tranquil VR worlds designed for people with chronic pain, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.
In each VR world, you will learn to regulate your Autonomic Nervous System through biofeedback training for relaxation.

Biofeedback training for relaxation
Responsive VR Environments
Therapeutic voice-over and music

What our community says.

At Flowly, you are considered a Hero.
Here are some words from our heroes.

"I've been getting about 5% more deep sleep than I was prior to Flowly and that's after only 2 weeks of consistent use."

Flowly Hero

“Flowly helps manage not only the physical aspects of living with pain and anxiety, but also offers invaluable support to overcome the mental challenges that come along with it.”

Dr. Aman Mahajan
Chair of Perioperative Medicine at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

"By being able to see your heart rate and breathing, you can learn to make changes in your body to reduce anxiety, reduce pain, and in some cases, even increase sleep and focus."

U.S. Pain Foundation
Flowly Partner

"I felt like my pain, everything was controlling me. Now I am finally in the driver’s seat to where I can guide my life in the direction I need it to go."

Dr. Jennifer Jones
Flowly Hero

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