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Are you ready to begin?

First session set up takes you less than 3 min. You only need to do this once. Make sure you are in a quiet place and comfortable position for your first session!

step 1

Let's check you have everything in your kit.

VR Headset

HR Sensor:
Body and Finger Sensor

USB Charging Cable
For HR Sensor

step 2

There are two ways to experience Flowly.

VR Mode

  • Experience the full effect of Flowly
  • Use VR headset and HR sensor in the kit
  • Need a comfortable space where you can sit or lay down

360 Mode

  • Use your camera or the HR sensor without the VR headset
  • This mode is only recommended as a secondary option
    or if you don't have access to your headset.

step 3

Plug your HR sensor in.

step 4

Put your HR sensor on.

step 5

Check the blinking light on the sensor.

step 6

Secure the sensor body.

step 7

Get familiar with your VR headset.

Focus Adjuster 1

Focus Adjuster 2

step 8

Know how to adjust your view in VR.

Tap the screen to
orient the view.

Look down the ground
to adjust horizon.

step 9

After tab "Enter VR", slip your phone into the headset.

step 10

Tab "Enter VR" and recline in a comfortable position.

Need help?

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