A New Era of Pain Relief:
Discover Flowly’s Non-Structural Pain Platform

Transform your employee health program with Flowly—a clinically proven platform specifically designed to target non-structural pain and its comorbidities: anxiety, depression, and disordered sleep.

Step beyond the limitations of traditional solutions that focus solely on MSK pain and unlock the future of pain management for your workforce.

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Decoding Pain:
Structural vs. Non-Structural

1 in 5 people suffer from chronic pain,
but many don’t realize pain can fall under two types.

Structural Pain:

Visible and tangible, arising from physical injury or damage.

Non-Structural Pain:

Hidden, complex, and often overlooked, stemming from psychological and physiological factors.

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The majority of people living with chronic pain have non-structural pain.

It’s time to innovate beyond the traditional MSK model, and bridge the gap.

Flowly is a platform designed for non-structural pain.

VR & Biofeedback

Access to proven and innovative therapeutic techniques to regulate the nervous system.

Real-Time Data

Patented data capture & visualization to not only track progress but inform sessions.

On-The-Go Resources

Guided breathwork sessions & recorded workshops for instant relief for every need.

Daily Support Groups

Intimate & moderated support groups to facilitate connection in a safe space.

Expert-Led Workshops

Curated science-backed workshops to learn about & put the most up-to-date research to practice.

Built-In Community

In-app community full of like-minded people on similar health & wellness journeys.

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Flowly has been studied in NIH-backed clinical trials.

Flowly is designed to enhance your existing solutions.


Learn how Flowly helps reduce opioid dependency.


Learn how Flowly lowers healthcare costs.


Learn how Flowly reduces disability leave.


Learn how Flowly increases quality of life.

We've helped over 10,000+ people

For anxiety and C-PTSD

I’ve been medically disabled since 2017 and living with chronic nerve pain. Flowly can take my pain down several levels because it helps me relax and let go of the tension that’s been building.

Flowly User

For chronic pain and insomnia

I get to see how my heart rate changes as I learned to breathe better, and I’ve really seen a difference in my body and how I feel.

Flowly member

For stress and sleep

I’ve seen a 10% increase in my deep sleep since using Flowly. I used to have so much trouble staying asleep through the night. But since Flowly I sleep like eight hours straight.

Flowly member

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