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CEO & Founder, Flowly

Celine Tien is the founder and CEO of Flowly.
She’s also the Principal Investigator on a two-phased clinical trial at UPMC and USC, backed by the NIH.

She’s directed and wrote Pippa’s Pan , one of the world’s first Virtual Reality hybrid live-action films (selected for Festival de Cannes VR and placed top 3 at CES’ VR/AR challenge). Previously, she worked in feature development at DreamWorks Animation and grew up as a film/TV actor. She was also a StartX founder and funded a non-profit education-based organization: Zoom for Kids!

Hi, I'm Celine.

I’m the founder of Flowly, a platform designed to help you take control of your nervous system, and a principal investigator on NIH-backed clinical trials investigating how an alternative solution can help reduce opioids, pain, anxiety, and more.My work today is inspired by my experience growing up around pancreatic cancer, and being a caregiver to two loved ones who each developed a terminal heart condition, and an invisible illness, respectively. I know that the world beneath your feet shifts irreparably when you become aware of the pain, anxiety, or chronic illness you bear. We feel out of control, in pain, and alone. That’s why my team and I have a mission to share tools and resources— and the science behind them— that can help you take control of how you feel each day. I approach healing through a bio-psycho-social model: teaching you how to address physical pain, psychological pain (like anxiety, stress, etc.), and even social pain (feeling isolated). And all the knowledge we share is backed by over thirty years of peer-reviewed science.

Celine Tien

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March 11-12, 2023

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