Nervous System Regulation for your patients.

A Virtual Reality + Biofeedback experience your patients and clients can use in-clinic or at home.

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Our Flowly Providers Program enables you to easily recommend and utilize Flowly as a tool in your practice. Designed for autonomic nervous system regulation, Flowly Providers have used Flowly to help patients with chronic pain, PTSD, autoimmune disorders, POTS, and more. Their patients take back control of their mental health, sleep, and comfort each day.

Chronic Pain
Autoimmune Disease
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Our Program includes

VR Headset for Display

Flowly Demo Kit

Clinic Guide

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You receive a kit consisting of everything outlined in the program.


You'll receive a thorough onboarding session with us.


You'll be invited to not only attend but also speak at events attended by like-minded experts.


You'll receive access to a portal to keep an eye on your patients' progress as they complete Flowly sessions at home.

At minimum, Flowly promote relaxation,

which has positively impacted my clients' experiences of anxiety and chronic pain. It also allows for the client to practice attending to the visual and auditory landscapes, as well as their physical experience of breathing. This has led to improvements in their mindfulness skills and nervous system regulation, techniques they can then generalize to their everyday life for continued progress.

Dr. Jaimee Arnoff
New York State Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Flowly allows our parasympathetic nervous system to function fully and bring a sense of calm.

My work in recent years has been focused on being able to listen to our bodies and how they are impacted by our environment and trauma. Being able to fully experience ourselves is paramount to healing since it allows us to find ways to feel ’safe'. Flowly allows us to visualize our breaths and learn to calm our nervous system. An overactive sympathetic nervous system needs some help from us to feel safe.

Kunal Sachdev, PsyD.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist- trauma, AD/HD, and psychedelic-assisted therapy specialist

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