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Highlighting Black Invisible Illness Voices: Amanda Millie

Continuing our series highlighting Black voices in the #invisibleillness community, we are so excited to share our latest interview with Amanda Millie. Amanda is a lifestyle blogger, model, and actress. She has been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Lyme disease. In this interview, Amanda shares her story on getting her diagnosis as a Black, female patient and how she manages her chronic illness symptoms as a mother of two children.

Find more about Amanda Millie on Instagram and FB @mandsmilliebsite , Blog: AmandaMillie.com Some resources she recommends are:

Book “Hashmoto’s Protocol” by Isabella Wentz

Health Unlocked : Insta, FB, Twitter @HealthUnlocked

Lyme Disease Association : FB @LymeDiseaseAssociation / Twitter @LymeDiseaseLDA

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