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Health Talk 02: Managing a rare disease: standing up and advocating for yourself

About Health Talk

Living with a chronic condition can feel isolating. Health Talk by Flowly was born from wanting to bring often isolated voices into the fold, and connecting different ideas, experiences, and tools to your own health journey. 

We talk to health practitioners and chronic health patients to deconstruct the chronic condition journey— from how many have managed the challenging diagnosis experience, to new tools and tips that might help you. We cover conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, autoimmune diseases, and more.

Hosted by Celine, the founder of Flowly, this weekly podcast will dive into conversations with world class researchers, practitioners, and even more importantly, chronic condition warriors themselves.

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Highlighting Black Invisible Illness Voices with Whitney West.

We’re particularly excited to share Whitney’s conversation with Celine. Whitney West is a health advocate, a chronic illness warrior, and works to bring more awareness to her own rare but significant chronic condition: fibrosing mediastinitis. In their conversation Whitney shares how she’s had to navigate her own challenging diagnosis journey, the role that anxiety has played in her daily health management, and how her identity has a Black woman has impacted her relationship with health practitioners.

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