Break Free from Chronic Pain,
Reclaim Your Life

Our revolutionary 12 week program for non-structural pain recovery, backed by science.
Discover VR and biofeedback therapy at home.

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12-week VR Biofeedback program

Nonstructural pain encompasses various chronic pain conditions may not have a specific cause, and are not solely attributed to physical injuries. Flowly’s Healing from Pain Program addresses non-structural pain in a 12-week journey that utilizes evidence-based approaches that empower you to regain control of your brain and body.

Included Hardware
VR + Biofeedback Kit

12-week personalized pain program

84 Daily Sessions (in-app)

Built-in Accountability

1:1s with Dedicated
Flowly Coach

Science-backed results

40% pain reduction
on average

Flowly has been studied in NIH-backed clinical trials.

I highly recommend Flowly’s chronic pain recovery VR program as it provides an easy to follow and fun yet relaxing way to learn valuable information about how to become your own hero as you develop your hero’s journey out of chronic pain and into the life you want to celebrate.

Flowly’s healing from pain program

A curated 12-week program with new lessons, daily trainings, and access to a coach included.

  • Virtual Reality Therapy
  • Pain Reprogramming
  • Biofeedback Therapy

Week 1 - 4

Level 1: Building the Foundation

Learn the fundamental neuro-physiological underpinnings of chronic pain, including the science of how our brain circuitry and nervous system are related, and more. In parallel, begin training on the most essential tools we will use throughout the program.

Week 5 - 8

Level 2: Cultivating Auto Brain-Body Modulation

Engage in trainings that utilize your nervous system to take control of various psychological and emotional aspects of your chronic pain experience. All while discovering new environments and tools to create physical safety.

Week 9 - 12

Level 3: Establishing Enduring Practice

Reinforcing all the training you have accomplished so far, we will put together all the tools and learnings into a daily ritual that best fits your life now, but most importantly, your life and dreams moving forward.

Take advantage of our launch pricing before it’s too late


$309.99 total

* exclusive membership at $4.99 after the 12-week program

VR & biofeedback hardware kit

Dedicated Flowly Coach

Access to weekly small support group & education

Robust In-app tools and resources

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Frequently asked questions

What happens after the 12 week program?

With a small maintenance subscription ($4.99/month) you will have continued access to all program content, as well as new and unlocked Flowly worlds with additional programming around addressing anxiety, sleep, and more. You will also still have access to small support group Bubbles, resources, and more.

What if I have to pause the program?

Please reach out to with questions around pausing your program.

How is the program conducted?

All calls with Flowly coaches are conducted via messaging and call platforms. Your daily Flowly sessions can be accessed from the comfort of your bed or couch with a Kit Flowly will ship to you, including your own VR headset and sensor. All Flowly small support bubbles, resources, and additional tools are accessible in-app.

After I buy the program, when does the program start?

The program is designed for daily use in a 12 week period. However, purchasing Flowly gives you access to the program for 3 months, giving you an extra week to get setup, conduct your initial Flowly coaching call, and receive your Kit.